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"Padgett knows my business inside and out. In fact, sometimes I think they know more about my business than I do.

And they are always there when I need them"


"Dependability was a critical factor for me when selecting a service provider. Padgett has exceeded my expectations."


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"I remember thinking my Padgett representatives really did their homework, because they are so plugged into the realities of small business. Then it dawned on me, they run their own Padgett office, which is a small business."

Peace Of Mind

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"I sleep better at night with Padgett on my team. Taxes, Payroll, government compliance - I don't worry about those things anymore and now I'm able to really focus on running my business."

Quality Relationships
Breed Success

"Integrity - This essential quality of our relationship will allow you to focus on what's most important: building and growing your business."

Unique Business Issues
Require Unique Solutions

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"We understand that no two small businesses are alike. That's why we offer a complete range of services. We analyze your individual needs and put together the combination of services that works for you, the small business owner."

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Padgett Business Services is a full service Tax, Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payroll company geared exclusively to you, the small business owner. Through our network of over 400 locally owned and operated offices we have been supplying our services to small businesses for over forty years.

Why deal with a huge accounting firm where you could get lost in the shuffle when you could take advantage of our personalized local services? Our office owners, like you are small business owners. We are familiar with what it takes to succeed and have helped countless small business owners to do so.

As a small business owner your time should be spent on the most valuable task of GROWING your business. Let us use our small business expertise to handle the rest. Padgett Business Services are the SMALL BIZ PROS!

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